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Each year Canyon has a variety of clubs that meet one day a week during lunch. These clubs are student-driven. The information goes out to students in the beginning of the year, they are to have at least ten members and a teacher that will allow use of their room. The student members decide what the activities will be. The topic must be school appropriate. Students draw up an agreement with the hosting teacher and then the information goes out to the student body. In the Fall, Canyon hosts Club Day, where clubs have a table out in the Quad during both lunches to share information on how to get involved!


Examples of clubs that are available this year are:

Anime, Twilight club, Improv, K-Pop, Women’s Empowerment, GSA and the Arcade to name a few. This is a great way for students to connect with others that share the same interest. It has helped strengthen student engagement and connectedness here at Canyon.


6th Grade Club List

Anime/Manga Club                                                Minecraft Club

Book Club                                                              Origami Club

Card Game Club                                                    Photography, Animation and Photoshop Club

GSA Club                                                               Super Hero Club

Level Up Game Club                                              

Lunch Bunch                                                                                

                           7th & 8th Grade Club List

Animation Club                                                      GSA Club

Anime Club                                                            Lunch Bunch

Arcade                                                                   Music Club

Baking/Cooking Club                                             Pokemon Club              

Chess Club                                                            Super Hero Club 

Club 3:16                                                                Yu-Gi-Oh Club                        

Comic Book Club                

In addition, the Canyon library is open for all grades during lunch and after school until 4:00 p.m. every day!