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2023 - 2024 Counseling Team

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Some tips from our Counseling Department:

 If you've been feeling a little more disconnected from your middle schooler lately, and they're not sharing as much with you as they used to, you are not alone! This is common at the onset of early adolescence (ages 9-13). But, there are two major ways to create a sense of closeness with your adolescent, Confiding only being one. The other is Companionship.

At an age when talking together may be harder for them, doing together is another viable way to create closeness. So, rather than insist on more talking together, switching to ‘doing together’ activities will help you and your tween continue your bond. It may be more of driving them to places, doing things that interest them, and sharing entertainments you both like. You can have a good time together without having a good talk. Although, sometimes doing together can open up a chance to talk. Please let us know if I can be of any help. 

I can’t seem to understand my middle school student! One day s/he wants to be held like a little child and the next day s/he is screaming at me that s/he is not a little child any more. Each morning when my child gets up, I have to ask myself “Who is this child today?” Welcome to the world of middle school students. Our children change and grow in the most amazing ways—sometimes it amazes us and other times it puts us in a daze. These are all just normal transitions—some say it is the interest we pay for the things we put our own parents through. Through it all, try to stay calm. Teens have the ability to argue about most anything. Pick your battles. What is truly important to your family? Focus on those issues and just let some of them go. If in the process, I can be of any help, please feel free to email or call.

 Tips for keeping your student healthy:

  • Middle school students are often tired and hungry. Most of them do not get enough sleep. You can help your child by
  • Making a plan. When do they need to get up in the morning? Make sure bedtime is early enough to get at least nine hours of sleep. Be sure phone, computer and TV are off.
  • Making sure your child goes to bed around the same time each night. This makes it easier to fall asleep.
  • Let your child sleep a little later on the weekends, one or two extra hours.
  • Have them eat breakfast, even if only a slice of toast and a small glass of juice. Many are not ready to eat before school, but do need the fuel to get their brain powered up! Pack snacks in the backpack, so throughout the day an energy boost is available. 

The above tips will help your student be ready to learn. Any questions comments, please email or call us!

 California Junior Scholarship Federation – CJSF

 By the time you read this article, seventh graders will soon be able to join CJSF. The first semester is over at the end of January. After that time, the forms for both 7th and 8th graders will be on the “Wall of Forms”. Remember, 8th graders must join again, but dues are for the full year.

Applications for the Marian Huhn Scholarship are accepted through January of each school year. We have examples in the library for students to read.