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Attendance Information

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Every Day Counts!
Every day counts in a child’s education. Every day a student misses school, they get more than two days behind
their peers, they must make up missed learning and catch up with new learning at the same time. Every day a student is in school, they benefit from direct instruction and raise their chances to score well on fundamental testing while learning a valuable lesson in the life skill of responsibility. Absences, excused or not, also take away valuable funding from our school. Attendance is compulsory by law and is the responsibility of all students and parents/guardians.

REPORTING AND CLEARING ABSENCES: If your student misses school for any reason, within 72 hours of the absence, you must do one of the following to clear the absence:
● call (510)538-8833 press 1 OR
● email: [email protected] OR
● send a note
When reporting your student(s) absent due to illness, please provide as much detail about what your student is experiencing.
Please include the following information in your voice message, email or written note:
● Name of Person calling, including relationship to student (parent, guardian, etc.)
● Please state and spell student’s name, ID#, if known.
● Date of absence. OR Period(s) absent, or the times of the absence, be specific.
● Reason for absence-must state specific reason for absence.
● Daytime telephone number.

Please see “Types of Excused Absences” below for absences that are considered “excused”. Other personal reasons such as observation of religious holidays & college/high school visits and family emergencies/necessity may be excused with advance written approval. Please see “Pre-Approval Absence Form” to request advance permission for these types of absences to be considered as excused. DO NOT send students to school with symptoms of illness. Report the illness to the Attendance Office & keep the student home until symptoms have improved and/or conditions of return have been satisfied. Students must be diarrhea, vomit, and fever free
at least 24 hours before returning to school.)
PARENTSQUARE is our Automated absence notification system please be aware that you will receive notification via TEXT message, PHONE call or EMAIL for student absences that have not been cleared for the day. For More Information, Click HERE.
Attendance Correction: If you think an absence for a class period was posted in error, it must be resolved by THE STUDENT contacting the teacher who marked the student absent. OFFICE STAFF will not contact the teacher as a result of a parent email reply or phone call to absence notifications.

LATE ARRIVAL OR EARLY RELEASE: All students who are more than 10 minutes late to their regularly scheduled class, must get a pass from the Attendance office. If you are returning from an appt., your student must check in at the front office.
Early Release: WE DO NOT ACCEPT PHONE CALLS or EMAILS FOR EARLY RELEASE. Any student who must leave campus early for a medical appointment or other reason should obtain an off campus pass from the Attendance Office in the morning of the day of early release.
A note from the parent/guardian should be brought by the student to the Attendance office. It should include:
● Your name and relationship to the student
● Student’s first & last name and Student ID number (if available)
● Phone number to reach you in the event that we must contact you regarding the message.
● Reason for the need to be released-be specific.
● The exact date and time the student must be released from school.
If a note is not received, the person picking up the student must be on the student's contact list. They need to bring their photo ID to the attendance office at least 10 minutes before the desired pick up time, and we will try to call the student out of class. Note that if it is lunch or break time, we may not be able to locate your student until the next class. Please plan accordingly.

Types of Excused Absences: What type of absences are EXCUSED? Cleared absences are excused when reported within 48 hours of
the absence and as defined by California Education Code 48205. Examples of absences that are considered excused are:
● Medical/Dental Appointments
● Personal Illness/Mental Health
● Funeral Services for an immediate family member.
● Court Appearances
● Religious Holiday Observance when approved by the Principal or designee upon receipt of prior written request. (see
Pre-Approval Absence Form)
● Participation in religious instruction or exercises in accordance with district policy: (Education Code 46014) (see
Pre-Approval Absence Form)
○ In such instances, the student shall attend at least the minimum school day (4 hours).
○ The student shall be excused for this purpose on no more than four days per school month.
● Participation in school approved activities.
● Family necessity/emergency (see Pre-Approval Absence Form)
● Attendance at a Civic Event (see Pre-Approval Absence Form)
● Visiting active duty immediate family members of the uniformed services (limited time allowed)
(For the purpose of the absences described above, immediate family means the student's parent/guardian, brother or sister, grandparent, or any other relative living in the student's household.) (Education Code 48205)

Types of Unexcused Absences: Unexcused absences are usually avoidable and include some of the following examples:
● Vacation
● Parent requiring student to perform childcare
● Student's birthday
● Family changing residence within school district
● Visiting relatives
● Car trouble/traffic
● Shopping
● Oversleeping
● Family Emergency (unless prior approval has been granted)

Pre-Approved Absences: For pre-planned absences of one to two days, to ensure that the student’s absence or excuse is not counted toward truancy, advance written request by the parent/guardian and approval of the principal or designee is requested for the following justifiable personal reasons, including, but not limited to: (Ed. Code 48205, AR 5113). Please use this Pre Approval Absence Form

● Attendance at religious retreat not to exceed four (4) hours per semester.
● Observance of holiday or ceremony of his/her religion.
● Attendance at an employment interview or conference.
● High School visit/interview
● Civic or Political engagement
● Family Necessity/Emergency of less than 3 school days provided the pupil makes up all the work missed during the absence.
Reason for absence must be given.
● Other pre-approved justifiable (non-vacation) reasons. Subject to administrative approval.

Excused Tardy: If the student has an excused reason for arriving late, please notify the Attendance Office and provide an appointment verification slip or other supporting documentation to excuse the tardy or partial day absence.

Unexcused tardy: late arriving students must check in at the attendance office and obtain a readmit slip to enter class after the first 10 minutes of their school day.

Tardy Consequences
9 Tardies Letter 1 (Formal warning)
18 Tardies Letter 2, SART
27 Tardies Letter 3, SARB  

Truancy Interventions (for unexcused absences)
● 3 absences - 1st Truancy Letter - serves as a reminder to the parent/guardian to address the student’s
attendance issues and to avoid possible future truancy. (Student/parent conference may be required at
middle and high school). Truancy issues may lead to ineligibility for extracurricular activities i.e. dances,
sporting events, field trips, and proms.
● 6 absences - 2nd Truancy Letter - Student Attendance Review Team (SART) Meeting with the Principal or
Assistant Principal, Counselor, Parent, and Student (Attendance Contract)
● 9 absences - 3rd Truancy Letter - Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) Meeting at the District Office. This
is a truancy mediation program mediated by the county's district attorney or probation officer, and/or a
juvenile court. Also in attendance are District Personnel, School Administrator, Parent, and Student.
● Excessive excused absences – after 11 excused absences for illness, a doctor’s note is required for every
subsequent absence. When there is no doctor’s note, the absence becomes unexcused and truancy letters
will be generated.

Independent Study: A short term Independent Study contract is a voluntary alternative to a regular classroom program of instruction when a student is absent from school for not less than three (3), not more than ten (10) consecutive, and not more than fifteen (15) cumulative school days.A request form form must be submitted to the Attendance Office at least 10 school days before the first day of the absence. More information can be found on the District’s Independent Study Information page. The District’s website includes a link to the downloadable Independent Study Contract. Independent Studies cannot be requested for the first 10 days of the school
year, or the last 15 days of the school year.

Vacations: Vacations should be scheduled to coincide with the District's instructional calendar. Typically make-up work is not accepted for unexcused absences. However, short-term Independent Study may be arranged for students that will be absent from regular instruction for a minimum of three(3) consecutive instructional days (Board Policy 6158). A request for Independent Study should be submitted ten school days prior to the absence, and the Principal has the right to deny a short-term Independent Study agreement. If approved, the work must be completed and turned in on the assigned due date or when the student returns to school, whichever is first. Contact the Attendance Office if you have any questions regarding student attendance.
To Report an Absence -Call (510) 538-8833 then Press 1 for Attendance. For all other attendance questions dial ext. 6002
Forms for Absences (links available on the online Student Handbook on our website)
Pre Approval Absence Form
District Independent Study Information
Canyon Independent Study Contract