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Attendance Information

Attendance Information Page

Absence Reporting Line: (510) 538-8833 extension 9180

OR by emailing a note to the Attendance Office at

Every day counts in a child’s education! 

Attendance is compulsory by law and is the responsibility of all students and parent/guardians. 

Prompt arrival to class is essential for academic success.  Missing class for any reason interferes with student progress, since each class contains instructional information or activities that are essential to the student. Every day a student misses school, he/she gets more than two days behind his peers, because he/she must make up missed learning and catch up with new learning at the same time. Every day a student is in school, he/she benefits from direct instruction and raises his/her chances to score well on fundamental testing while learning a valuable lesson in the life skill of responsibility. Absences, excused or not, also take away valuable funding from our school.

Attendance Policies

Parents/legal guardians must contact the school EVERY day a student has/will miss his/her assigned classes. EACH absence(s), including the reason for the absence, must be verified by the parents/legal guardians within 72 hours of the absence or the absence will be permanently changed to an “unexcused absence.”

How do I verify my student’s absence?

Absences can be verified by calling the Absence Reporting Line at (510) 538-8833 extension 9180 OR by emailing a note to the Attendance Office at  All messages and notes related to absences must be processed by the Attendance Office.

The following information is required for messages and notes: 

  • Name of the Student (please include the spelling of the name when leaving voice message) and grade level.
  • Date(s) of the absence. (When reporting a partial day, such as 0 period, please include the class period that was/will be absent from school.)
  • Specific reason for absence(s). PLEASE INCLUDE IF YOUR STUDENT HAS HAD A FEVER RELATED TO THIS ABSENCE. (If a reason for the absence(s) is not given, the absence(s) will be considered a “miscellaneous” reason which is not excused.)
  • Caller's name and relationship to the student.
  • Caller’s daytime telephone number should we have questions.

An automatic attendance phone-dialer, working in conjunction with our attendance records, will attempt to make calls to the primary phone number on the evening whenever an absence(s) were are not verified.  Failure to verify the absence(s) within 72 hours will result in the student receiving an unexcused absence(s) and possible truancy consequences. 


A doctor note(s) are required for reported illnesses of 3 or more consecutive days (and/or in excess of 10 or more days within a school year) upon the student’s return to school.

Please read the H.E.A.L Health Flyer For Parents which offers helpful ideas and suggested guidelines regarding student attendance.


What absences/tardies are excused?

Verified absences when reported within 72 hours of the absence and as defined by California Education Code 48205.



Excused absence:  school-sponsored activity (e.g., athletic events, drama, music, student government, counselor, assessment); illness/medical/bereavement (e.g., personal illness, medical/dental/optometry appointment, funeral service-immediate family member, quarantine); prior approval from principal/designee (e.g., religious holiday, extended bereavement, court appearance, religious retreat-four hours per semester).

Unexcused absence:  parent notifies school of absence not allowable by law (e.g., vacation, work, oversleeping, baby-sitting, visiting relatives, traffic/car problems, ill relatives, appointments for relatives); school directed exclusion (e.g., suspension, lack of immunization); absence cleared by parent after the 72 hour time limit.

Unverified absence = Unexcused absence: after the 72 hour time limit required for parent/guardians to notify the school regarding their child’s absence, an unverified absence will be noted as an unexcused absence.


2= DLN- absent/not engaged

3= DLS- present/online

4= DLA- offline/handed work in during the allotted time

C= unexcused reason for absence/verified by parent/guardian

I= illness

B= excused absence- such as Dr. appt or other excusable reasons per California Ed Code 48205.