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Parking Information

Please refer to the Map below for a visual on parking lot areas.  

Staff Parking Lot

Please note that the Staff Parking Lot is not to be used for student pickup/dropoff.  This lot is only for school employees and district-authorized vehicles. We appreciate your help in keeping this area for staff only between the hours of 7:00 am - 4:00 pm and ask that you use the lower parking lot for student pickup/dropoff.  


Lower Parking Lot - for Student Dropoff/Pickup

Please note that areas on the far right along the black benches and under the shade structures are for pickup/dropoff only--do not leave cars unattended there.  Parking is available in the other areas. Also, if you are circling the lower parking lot, we please ask that you go all the way down the parking row to the end before turning around--earlier U-turns can catch pedestrians and drivers unaware.