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Music Department

We have a remarkable music program here at Canyon. We offer Choir, Band and Orchestra at all levels.
Music Department Chair – Carina Zamora [email protected]
Band - Carina Zamora
Orchestra – Heidi Dahms – [email protected]
Choir - Julie Boehler - [email protected]

6th Grade Instrumental Music Information
Here is a link to a slide presentation about our instrumental music program. You must have a CVUSD email account to view this presentation.
Beginning Band: Mon-Fri – 7:50–8:40AM
6th Grade Orchestra: 4th period

Condor Choir Information
6th grade 3rd Period

7th and 8th Grade Music Information
Intermediate Band – 1st Period
Advanced Band – 2nd Period
Intermediate Orchestra –5th Period
Advanced Orchestra –6th Period
Treble Choir – 2nd Period and 5th period
Choral Ensemble– 4th Period

Due to Covid-19, we have no scheduled live performances this year.