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Support Staff

To access: Call (510) 538-8833 For Attendance: Press 1 For Assistant Principals: Press 3 For Counseling: Press 2 For the Operator: Press 0. To reach a specific person, dial the 4 digit extension listed below.
Position: Name: (click to email) Extension
School Secretary Torrez, Kathy Ext. 6001
Attendance Clerk Hawes, Jamie Ext. 6002
Enrollment/Registrar Davidson, Jodi Ext. 6009
Scheduling Technician Lum, Susanna Ext. 6010
Student Services Souza, Angela Ext. 6005
Health Office Clerk Gallardo, Yolanda Ext. 6011
Finance Office Wun, Sydney Ext. 6007
Textbook Room Baum, James Ext. 6130
Cafeteria Lead Smith, Lalisha Ext. 6193
Library Instructional Assistant Conn, Danielle Ext. 6129
Library Instructional Assistant Nadia Layne Ext. 6129