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Book Room


Canyon’s Book Room manages student textbooks, chromebooks, and other materials issued to students for their learning experience.  All items are issued to students using their unique student ID and the unique barcode of the item; we track the exact copy or device assigned to each student. When it’s time to return items to the Book Room, we will be looking for the exact item that was checked out to each student. Failure to return assigned items can result in a fee.

Tips for Students

  • Don’t swap books or materials with other students, keep track of your own
  • Keep barcode stickers on the books - so when you turn it back in, it’s clear it’s the one you were assigned
  • Report lost or damaged goods immediately
  • Remember to clear out your locker at the end of the year and turn everything in
  • Turn in your own items, don’t send other students to do it for you   



CVUSD has the goal of having one device for every student.  Typically, a chromebook is assigned to a student at their first CVUSD school and goes with them throughout their CVUSD education, including from elementary to middle to high school. Chromebooks and chargers can be turned into the Book Room when they are no longer functional.  Our School Supply Tech. will assess the device, and determine if a replacement should be issued.  Please direct your student to visit the Book Room if they need to turn in a broken chromebook. 


Book Room Hours

Monday - Friday (on school days)

9:30 am - 1:30 pm


Appointments outside of the above hours can be made by special request.  Please email Mr. Caranto using the contact information below for such requests.


Tevin Caranto

[email protected]

510-538-8833, ext 6130


Canyon School Supply Technician