Daily Health Check for Students

As part of our community commitment to keeping each other safe, we are excited to announce our launch of the Frontline Health system which will make our daily health screening process accessible and efficient.  The system allows users to access the daily health screener through a website specific to Castro Valley USD (link below) and/or through an app on your phone or other internet device.  

Please access the Health Portal website or app for your student.  Please set up your account TODAY and add your students to the Frontline Health system and practice by completing the screener each day to get in the habit before we return!  The system is accessed on a website specific to Castro Valley USD (link here) and/or through an app on your phone or other internet device.   


Additional Frontline resource links:


Please contact Alicia Mendoza at [email protected] or by calling 510-538-8833 for assistance.

Please activate your account according to the Parent Quick Start Guide then get in the habit of completing the screener daily whether or not your student physically visits a campus. 

If you are a staff member who also has students in CVUSD and want all screeners accessible from the same account, please follow the Staff Quick Start Guide.  Additional resources can be found in the FAQ document (here) or through the help center (here).  Screener questions in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese can be located (here).