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Reopening Updates 2021

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Dear Canyon Community: 

Last week, we received updated information on a Revised Phased Reopening Plan where secondary schools will be able to welcome back students for in-person instruction after spring break.  You can find the Superintendent’s full message from Feb 25 on the CVUSD website here.  We are pleased to share with you more details about what this will look like at Canyon for students enrolled in the main option/hybrid program and ask that you continue to check emails and encourage you to download the ParentSquare app to stay connected with us.  

Dates for Students Returning to Middle School (Main Option)
For middle school students, we are excited to welcome our 6th Grade students to campus before spring break for a special 6th Grade Welcome Back & Safety Orientation!  The details of this are still being finalized and we will be sure to send out specific information very soon. After spring break, all of our middle school grades will be returning to campus the week of April 12, on a modified A/B Hybrid Schedule (see details in the next section below).
  • Week of March 29 - 6th Grade Students will attend Welcome Back/Safety Orientation (dates TBD)
  • Week of April 12 - All Grades will return on an A/B Hybrid Schedule (A/B Groups TBD)

A/B Hybrid Schedule for Secondary Schools
The schedule is still being finalized, but the concept for secondary schools is an A/B hybrid model with half the student population on site for two days every week (Group A attends in person Mon/Tue and Group B attends in person Thu/Fri) with an asynchronous learning day for everyone on Wednesday.  Students on site would be released before lunchtime with a grab & go lunch (available to all students on site).  For the student A/B groups, we have been able to identify groups that aim to reflect 50% of each traditional class, always within the safe social distancing guidelines within a classroom.  The class periods would align very similarly to what the students currently have in distance learning (period 1, 2, 3 on one day and periods 4, 5, 6 on the next).  We are currently planning for students who are not in person to have access to real time instruction by connecting remotely during the class period in a Concurrent Instructional Model. More details on that are outlined below.  

Secondary Family Survey due by March 5
As we prepare for the return to in person instruction, we would like to have a better idea of how many students will actually be returning to school.  With the proposed Concurrent Instructional Model, the teacher will teach in the physical classroom and would have the camera of their computer on during class so that the students who remain at home can see and hear instruction, to keep up with the lessons.  For families who choose to have their student stay home, students are still responsible to attend virtually and consistently (all sessions) with an understanding that they are accessing the instruction remotely and it will not look the same as our current distance learning model.  This is new for our teachers and naturally will require some grace and flexibility as we all adjust.  To help with our planning, please complete this [Return to School Survey - Middle School] by Friday, March 5 to let us know whether you intend to send your child to school when we resume in-person instruction. 

Safety While On Campus
School will look very different upon students’ return.  In addition to having only 50% of students on campus at one time, there will also be a number of safety protocols in accordance with county and state guidelines including but not limited to: 
  • Student will be required to wear a mask, practice physical distancing, and complete a daily health screener online prior to coming to campus
  • Classrooms provided with additional PPE including but not limited to hand sanitizer, disinfecting materials, and at times, plastic barriers, as well as updated ventilation protocols and added air purifiers. 
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for high-touch items and having students use their CVUSD chromebook which should be brought to campus every day, fully charged.  Lockers will not be available.
  • Students will be assigned specific gates to enter and exit campus, and will not be allowed to congregate or remain on campus after school is dismissed
  • Hallways and walkways have been designated for one-way foot traffic during class transitions to encourage social distancing and minimize gatherings with markers and one-way directional signs

Daily Health Check for Students
As part of our community commitment to keeping each other safe, we are excited to announce our launch of the Frontline Health system which will make our daily health screening process accessible and efficient.  The system allows users to access the daily health screener through a website specific to Castro Valley USD (link below) and/or through an app on your phone or other internet device.  

You can do your part by activating your account according to the Parent Quick Start Guide and then by getting in the habit of completing the screener daily whether or not your student physically visits a campus.  If you are a staff member who also has students in CVUSD and want all screeners accessible from the same account, please follow the Staff Quick Start Guide.  Additional resources can be found in the FAQ document (here) or through the help center (here).  Screener questions in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese can be located (here).  If you have any questions or need help completing the daily health screener please contact Alicia Mendoza at or by calling 510-538-8833 extension 6001. 

We Need Your Help!
We are so excited to welcome students back to school and understand that this will be a significant transition for everyone.  Our goal is to continue to communicate with you, sharing updates in a timely manner so you are informed and empowered as we work together in partnership during these times.  As a friendly reminder, we are asking for your help with two things as soon as possible: 

#1) Complete the Return to School Survey (Middle School) by Friday, March 5 
#2) Get familiar with the Health Portal website/app for your student (see Parent Quick Start Guide)

We appreciate your support in helping to make a safe reopening possible.  Together, our Canyon Community can do anything.

Thank you for your continued support!

April Wong, Principal