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Recycling Program

This year the students of the Leadership class have helped increase recycling efforts so Canyon could apply to be a Green Ribbon School!

So far this year, we have made sure that every classroom, office, and workspace has at least one recycling bin. "Yes/no" recycling posters have been placed above the bins to clarify what can be recycled. (NO pizza boxes!)

These efforts have increased our waste diversion rate to over 40%!

Through bulletins, the broadcast and classroom visits we have notified the students and staff of our efforts. We have created an organized system of responsibility for collection of recyclables. Because of this we have had to increase our number of recycling bins for pick-up.

Teachers are using voice mail and e-mail for communication instead of written daily bulletins. They also try to post notices in central locations to reduce paper waste.

Thanks to everyone, especially the custodial staff, for all their extra help with our efforts to. "Go Green."